Certified Crisis Management Specialist

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Why Crisis Management

The prime focus of Crisis Management and Emergency Response is on safety of people and assets. Based on the Crisis Management standard BS 11200:2014, our Crisis Management Workshop covers all stages of the Crisis Management lifecycle, presented in an easy to understand step-by-step manner, right from effective Crisis Management design to implementation, training, skills, planning and control.

A good crisis plan will serve as a guidebook to navigating all matter of complex situations that could affect the profitability, integrity or reputation of your organization.

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation deals with a major incident that threatens to harm business, its stakeholders, or the general public. ... It is this haste to keep up with the modern world where crisis management is key. Many businesses react to crises rather than planning for them.

Advance planning is key and every company should have a crisis management plan, devised by a communications expert, to minimise the possible fallout.

Course Description

Based on the latest Crisis Management standard BS 11200:2014, the 3-day Crisis Management Workshop covers all stages of the Crisis Management lifecycle. Videos and group discussions, knowledge checks and quizzes are made use of in order to enhance the participant learning experience and exam preparation. The 50 questions, 1 hour examination (paper-based) at the end of the workshop leads the participant to Crisis Management Specialist Certification on successful completion.


The strength of the workshop is a fast paced Crisis Simulation where the participants are made to play different roles and they put in practice the concepts that they have just learnt.


Learning Objectives:


  • Understanding and defining crisis and its various types

  • Crisis management and its relationship with incident management & emergency response

  • Appreciate the composition and attributes of the standard – BS 11200:2014

  • Societal Security aspects of crisis management and the role of civic authorities

  • Recommended ways of overcoming crises

  • 5 stage crisis management process

  • Crisis management planning and model

  • Crisis leadership, its role and competences

  • Crisis management team composition and responsibilities

  • Crisis communication and the role of apology in crisis communication

  • Social media and crisis management

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In line with our commitment to environment, we do not provide Hardcopy Certificates.