Why should I consider Online training rather than attend a classroom course?

Classroom training and Online training have their own merits.


Before committing yourself to classroom training, you would typically need to be sure that you are continuously available full time over the full length of the course (often upto 5 days or more). You may have to travel to the training venue – as would the trainer - involving extra time and expense. In order to effectively get the best out of group exercises, often, a minimum batch size is required at that location, without which it may not be practical to hold that classroom training session. The training infrastructure is often also costly. So normally classroom training is more expensive than online training.


Compared to Classroom training, online training is more flexible – and cheaper. Typically, Online training involves some amount of self-study, which can be done at your own pace and your own convenience, in advance.  Therefore, less time needs to be blocked for the instructor-led sessions, which makes it easier to fit in the Online training. Another advantage is that you need not travel and can attend from any location – all you need is an Internet connected device and sufficient bandwidth. Sufficient time is provided for Instructor interaction and Q&A, so a personal touch is maintained.


For Online training, we encourage you to ask questions in advance of the course. Typically some pre-read will be shared with you and couple of exercises will be given to you to be submitted to the trainer in advance of the course. Any relevant recordings and videos will be available to you as advance pre-read, and can be viewed multiple times before the curse (terms and conditions apply). You are also encouraged to raise questions during the discussion sessions, as well as in the Q&A. Often we may share relevant case-studies across countries and industry sectors.


For all our online courses, CORE offers public classroom sessions at various locations. If you prefer, we would be happy to discuss conducting our training sessions in-house specifically for your organization – please write to us your requirements.


What training resources do you provide?

In order to create a near-classroom experience, we typically provide for our online courses: 

·      Pre-read

·      Online presentation and discussions

·      Quizzes and Exercises

·      Q&A session

·      Online Exam


What are the payment channels?

For this Online training, we only accept online payments through our payment gateway. Please look at Register & Pay tab. A receipt will be issued to you. Any charges for this transaction will be borne by the payee. 


How do I check whether this course is for me?

Our courses are targeted at professionals who are keen to improve their skills and competencies – either certified or non-certified. Prerequisites are critical only for advanced courses. In most cases eligibility can be established through a pre-course questionnaire.


Who will be the trainer?

We have multiple consultants who are allocated as trainers based on their availability. Most of them have over 30 years of experience, with over 15 years in BCM itself. They have been practitioners and BCM Heads themselves before being trainers and consultants for 10+ years. Please click here to look at our Trainers and Consultants. The currently allocated trainer for your desired session is indicated in the calendar.  

Which languages is this course available in?

Currently, our courses are available in English and will be available in Arabic in March.