Finalize a Business Continuity Plan in 7 Days

Implement basic readiness to meet minimum regulatory and the business requirements

Have you considered how resilient your business is? In times like these you might have faced the test, to battle it out with those uncertainties the COVID-19 world puts in front of you. That rough and unpredictable battle for the survival of your business can be exhausting. This is why you need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), to overcome that adversity that might cost your business and a BCP is what makes you resilient.

Putting in place an efficient BCP is a professional affair. Without a well-tailored BCP, you might not be able to provide the minimum products and services, and can cost you clients/customers, maybe forever. We can help you create an express BCP in 7 days. So that when things go wrong, now you would know what to do, stay alive, meet regulatory requirements and reap the benefits to stay ahead. Again, it is not just about surviving but about winning the battle.



  1. One Day BCM Awareness Training (based on the ISO 22301 Standard)

  2. Prepared BCP document that can be cloud accessed (and amended)

  3. Single User Software Automation license

  4. Walkthrough on the document and training on how to keep using and amending the same

The express BCP document is likely to have the following under its ToC:


  1. What to do

  2. How to Escalate

  3. Key Continuity Risks and How to Respond



  1. Role Assignments



  1. Communications

  2. Strategies

  3. Customers

  4. Product

  5. Activities

  6. Suppliers



  1. Employees and Staff

  2. Supplier Contacts

  3. Customer Contacts

  4. Who Takes Control

Who does it help?

Small & Medium sized entities who do not currently have a BCM Plan. Larger organisations may also deploy this service for their key vendors (who do not have BCPs) to make the supply chain more resilient.

Service USP:

  1. Quick to make and Cost Effective

  2. Delivered by CORE with 12+ years of experience of delivering services in BCM


Continuity & Resilience (CORE) provides services in Business Continuity Management (BCM), Information Security, Cyber Security, GDPR, Risk Management, Crisis Management, and IT Disaster Recovery. In these areas we provide services like Consulting, Implementation, Testing, Assessment, Assurance, Audit and Training. We provide advisory services in Automation Tools (BCM, ITDR, Mass Communication), e-Learning products and Workplace Recovery.



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