ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Specialist Course

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Why Risk

Risk Management creates and protects value. Just as a car that is going very fast has a higher likelihood to spin out of control, in the same way organisations that grow and expand automatically take on more risk.


Effective risk management helps organizations to identify, mitigate and control known and unknown risks, which would help keep things on track to meet their growth and revenue targets. In that sense,


Managing risk effectively helps organizations to perform well in an environment full of uncertainty, and facilitates continual improvement of the organization.

The objective of Risk Management is to identify, analyze, quantify and manage risks to achieve business objectives. Risk Management is an integral part of all organizational activities and processes. It is best-performed “bottoms up”, with each employee being aware of and highlighting the risks in their span of control.


Every professional in every department and every unit in every organisation can benefit from a strong understanding of how to put in place effective Risk Management. . It can be used by any organization regardless of its size, activity or sector.

Presented in an easy to understand step-by-step manner, the CORE ISO 31000 course simplifies the risk management process and offers step-by-step solutions. Teaching methodologies include presentation based discussions, short videos, and a real-life case study from a global brand name that almost every one would have personally used. The teach is supplemented by exercises across Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment, and so help develop a hands-on practical application of ISO31000 risk management principles in a real life scenario.


Our instructors for this course are highly experienced professionals with over 30 years of work experience. Most of them have been who have been formally practicing and applying risk management techniques for over 20 years. They have been teaching the ISO31000 Risk Management course for over 6 years now, and have trained hundred of professionals from over 300 organizations. They hold credentials such as the ISO31000, FBCS, AFBCI, CBCP, BS11200: 2014, ISO27001, ISO31000 and ISO 22301 etc. References can be sent on request.  For a detailed profile, click here

The Training will culminate with an Online Exam MCQ, 30 questions, 30 minutes, 70% passing marks. Those who clear Examination will get a certificate from Continuity & Resilience (CORE). 

In line with our commitment to environment, we do not provide Hardcopy Certificates.

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Course Description

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